taking printing mobile

Taking Printing Mobile – Screen Printing as Gaeilge

In 2019, I built my own mobile screen printing station so the public could experience Gaeilge in a creative way

I was able to bring the Irish language on the road to farmers markets, festivals and events, and I ran a number of workshops in collaboration with Bliain na Gaeilge and the Leinster Print Studio in Clane, where, in 2018,  where the idea was born.

In theory, I just needed access to water and friendly, curious people who were willing to try out an age old printing method. Thankfully, curiosity is in abundance in Ireland so loads of inquisitive people, young and mature pulled their own prints on my traditional screen printing machine.

I so enjoyed interacting with creative teenagers and adults and involving them in the creative process! 

In 2020, I’m hoping to combine Screen Printing, Calligraphy and Book Binding in a larger series of workshops. Watch this space!

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