The Irish Love Umbrella – the Essential Wedding Accessory for Irish Weddings!

Why risk Irish weather on your wedding day? Why go to all the effort of looking fabulous on your big day only to ruin it with a boring golf umbrella if it rains…

The Irish love umbrella, features illustrated Irish calligraphy handprinted on quality, windproof umbrellas that will complement your style, rain or shine.

I’m so happy that some of my customers have shared photos of their big day with me! Congrats and thanks so much to Amanda Osbourne and Anne Marie King. It didn’t even rain for these brides so dying to get a photo of the Irish love umbrella in the rain. Really creative photography too! 

Amanda and Graham got married in New York, in the snow on Paddy’s Day. Love how the love umbrella matches Graham’s tie and yellow rose.

I started drawing and printing these umbrellas about a year ago. Why?

Well, I’ve always loved umbrellas, and like to find something different myself. I used to work in an office overlooking Nassau Street, Dublin, and on a wet day it could be very dull and when I looked down. The street below was filled with dark boring umbrellas. 

The odd time, I would see a bright umbrella and it would make me smile. I got the idea when I was in Paris with my art travel buddy Rachel. We were touring old art and calligraphy shops. We’d spent a fortune on new inks and nibs so started sketching and writing. A couple of American tourists were buying French umbrellas with Le Chat Noir at one point but they didn’t speak French and I thought why can’t I do that with Irish, and spread cupla focail with my drawings.

It took a long time and many, many broken umbrellas to get it right and I still get some funny looks when umbrellas are drying on my clothes line. 

It was so hard to find good quality bright coloured umbrellas too. They actually cost me more than the wooden handles, but I’m really happy with my supplier (Fare of Germany). As a nod to Paris, and all the international travellers I’ve met I started to print my design in French, German and Spanish too. I also think love written in Arabic looks beautiful too!

I’ve attached some photos sent back of weddings and people who like to have something different. Thanks to Shane O’Neill of Aspect Photography for photos of Anne Marie King with super bright yellow umbrella (first photo)! and to Amanda for such unusual pics in the snow of Central Park, Ber & Declan for coordinating my Champagne love umbrella with a goat in Kerry, and Fiona for her shot of my favourite colour, turquoise love umbrella. Would love some feedback on designs which I post to Instagram & my Facebook page.

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